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We have listened, learned, and collaborated with thousands of landlords and tenants to understand how to improve the renting experience.

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All of our services and tools are derived from the vision of creating the best end-to-end renting experience, making renting a home as comfortable as living in it. We aim to empower landlords to confidently rent out their properties.

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From extravagant mansions to affordable apartments, we offer a wide range of different properties and provide top-notch services to make sure you find your dream houses or the right investment choices.

About Us

Formerly known as Marine Vista Realty, Panda Luxury
Homes was established in 2020 as a specialized company focusing on property
rental management and trading. Our professional management team, coupled with
extensive industry experience, enables us to effectively oversee hundreds of
properties, making us one of the fastest-growing real estate brokerage companies in
the greater Vancouver area.

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